Aloha Contactless

Evolve your business with our contactless Check-in service

Transform and improve the experience of your customers, ensuring safety in your business. Our contactless Check-in system makes it possible.

Why Aloha Contactless?

Save costs while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

Contactless tecnology

Offer your customers a superior Check-In experience

QR Codes

The customer scans a QR code with their smartphone and is automatically redirected to the web app where they can register in the queue.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

When a compatible device approaches the NFC tag, a wireless connection is established that facilitates mobile check-in access.

Bluetooth LE Beacons

The user downloads the application and enables the Bluetooth function, the Beacons detect their presence and send them an access invitation.


Customers access the branch's WiFi network and are automatically redirected to a captive portal where they will complete the access form.


Virtual queue access through WhatsApp Check-in

Provide a fast and simple check-in experience using the most popular messaging application globally.

Our pre-booking and virtual queue solution through WhatsApp allows the customer to send a keyword, such as "check-in" or any other defined by the company, through a message to the company's WhatsApp Business number. Then, the system returns a message with a link that redirects them to the mobile check-in web application.


Quick and secure access: how contactless Check-in will benefit you and your customers


  • Reduces costs associated with hardware.
  • Facilitates the management of customer flow.
  • Eliminates the need to print and distribute physical tickets.
  • Provides an efficient and safe customer service experience.
  • Offers several options for customers to enter the virtual queue.
  • Guarantees the safety and hygiene of customers and employees.
  • Helps comply with biosecurity and social distancing protocols.

An smart investment!

Discover how Aloha Contactless can help you reduce costs and improve the customer service experience, while ensuring biosecurity and hygiene for your customers and employees.

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