Aloha Recordings

Screen recording and monitoring solution, for both in-person and virtual interactions.

Don't leave anything to chance!
Evaluate and improve the quality of your customer service with our recording system.

Why Aloha Recordings to improve your business?

The key to success:
Why it's important to monitor customer interactions

With Aloha Recordings, you can record all in-person and virtual interactions between your advisors and customers.

The system records the conversation and all the interactions your advisor makes on their computer during the interaction, allowing you to easily locate and analyze it later.

Key features

Offer your clients better customer service!

Audio and screen recording

Record virtual and in-person interactions between your advisors and customers. Recordings can be audio-only or audio-video. The conversation is obtained through a microphone connected to the advisor's PC, and the video by capturing the screen during the interaction. You can plan the recordings or do them spontaneously, recording only those you consider relevant.

Recording policies and configurations:

  • Manage recordings randomly or on demand.
  • Record by processes or objectives as needed.
  • Set the number of recordings and storage time.

Recording manager

All your recordings in one place!
Each recording is associated with attributes that allow management, evaluation, and subsequent monitoring, (such as date and time of interaction, customer, customer type, interaction type, advisor, supervisor, management, call center, region, and so on)

Measurable recording campaigns

Recording interactions based on plans or campaigns!
Visualize and configure recording plans by branch, process, or agent for a certain period of time.

Automatic generation of recording plans
You can define monthly monitoring goals per advisor and generate plans automatically and uniformly for all call centers and advisors.


Discover all you can do and simplify with Aloha Recordings

Discover the many advantages:

  • Easy installation.
  • Evaluation of advisor management and service procedures.
  • Training reviews.
  • Fraud auditing.
  • Resolution of problematic situations.
  • Dissuasive element, improving interactions.
  • and much more.
Easily integrates with:

  • Aloha Line Manager to link assigned appointments with their corresponding recording, achieving traceability and agility in auditing.

  • Antalk to automate the listening and evaluation process using Artificial Intelligence.

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