Aloha WhatsApp

Pre-scheduling and virtual queue solution via WhatsApp

Offers a fast and simple customer service experience through the world's most used messaging application.

Why choose Aloha WhatsApp?

Reduce costs and boost sales

Our solutions

Virtual queue and mobile ticket
No printed ticket required! Customers enter a virtual queue and receive a digital ticket on their smartphones.
Sending and viralization of content
24-hour window for sending personalized messages for free.
Remote waiting
Customers wait in a virtual queue, inside or outside the store, taking advantage of their time.
Main features

Aloha WhatsApp optimizes customer’s experience by offering:

Prior Appointment

Schedule a physical visit or virtual appointment in advance.


Enter a virtual queue using methods such as QR codes or Bluetooth beacons.

Mobile Ticket

No need for a physical ticket, receive a mobile identifier that will get listed in the virtual queue.


Receive notifications on your smartphone to monitor the progress and status of the turn.


A notification letting the customer know it's their turn, where, and who will attend them.

Customer support

Receive in-person service at the store or remotely through a video call.


Complete satisfaction surveys that provide feedback to the company.

24-hour marketing

A 24-hour window to receive exclusive content such as special offers and promotions.

Great benefits

Discover everything Aloha WhatsApp has to offer you.

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Discover how Aloha WhatsApp can help in reducing costs and increasing your sales with personalized and virally shareable content directly on your customers' smartphones.

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