Antalk Conversational Intelligence

Speech & Text Analytics Solution:
Obtaining in-depth insights into conversations with your customers.

Leverage the potential of concealed data from various customer interaction channels by employing Antalk, an automated analysis solution.

Why choose Antalk?

Achieve higher levels of customers satisfaction, significant cost savings and enhance sales performance through the utilization of Antalk

Key features

Automate and optimise the monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of customer conversations

Managment and storage audio

Reliable and secure storage system. Powerful tools for audio management.

Alerts and notifications

Allows supervisors and contact center managers to address issues in a easy way.

STT transcription engine

Automatically transcribe voice interactions into text through the utilization of the advance Speech-to-Text engine.

Dashboard and reporting

Generation of performance reports and statistics that enable data-driven decision making.

Machine Learning Suite

Categorization, analysis, and detection of data based on business rules and specific use cases.


Integration with other systems and tools to facilitate automation and operational efficiency.

Who may benefit from Antalk?

How conversational intelligence is driving success in large companies and contact centers

The impact of automation on quality management in contact centers

Traditionally, quality control for telephones interactions and sales have relied on manual methods, resulting in sluggishness, high costs ad absence of precission, objectivity and processing speed that automated systems offer. This is why automated systems are of great assistance in the daily work auditors, providing efficiency and accuracy to the process.

The untapped potential of written channels in customer relations

Nowadays, the majority of companies interact with their customers primarly through messaging systems and other text-based channels; however; they have yet to fully leverage (edge) the potential of this valuable information.

Antalk can help as a motivation in extracting the maximum value from those interactions between customers and employees, therefore facilitating superior conversation managment


Discover how to make the most out of the data extracted from conversations with your customers

How is the process?

Antalk: the speech analytics tool that enhances decision-making in your business


The capture module of Antalk allows you to obtain all the conversational data, whether by importing audio recordings or through API integrations for written interactions with customers.

Speech to text

When dealing with imported audio files, Antalk's adaptable speech to text (STT) engine efforlessly transcribes speech interaction into written text. Following this process, all textual data is prepared for comprehensive analysis.

Early alerts

By detecting patterns and irregularities, supervisors can quickly address issues and take corrective actions in real-time to improve agent performance and customer satisfaction.


The Machine Learning Suite automates the analysis, detection, and categorization of data that arises in interactions, employing semantic and sentiment analysis to understand customer intent and satisfaction. Additionally, it looks for patterns to make predictions and recommendations.

Data visualization

Detailed reports and performance statistics to identify improvement opportunities and take actions that strengthen service quality, increase customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.


A highly valuable investment.
Implement Antalk in your company or contact center and quickly reap the benefits:

Sales teams will be able to:

  • Ensure the quality of sales made by agents.
  • Improve the efficiency of the sales process.
  • Detect opportunities for improvement in agent performance.
  • Identify sales possibilities.
  • Refine sales strategies and increase revenue.
  • Minimize the risk of fraud, errors, or misunderstandings.

Quality teams will achieve

  • Ensure a consistent and quality customer service experience.
  • Ensure agents follow scripts and procedures.
  • Detect and address compliance issues promptly.
  • Discover areas for improvement in customer service.

An smart investment!

Discover how Antalk Conversational Intelligence can help you reduce costs and increase sales by reducing the risk of misunderstandings, improving trust, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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