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Developer Full Stack-Ssr/Sr

Our Full Stack developer teams are focused mainly on development through Java language, among other Tech Stacks.

Skills required in this position

Our developers use Java 8 languages for Backend development. Frontend development uses technologies such as Angula 7 and React. Among the tasks that our JAVA developers have is to carry out application developments, for internal or external clients according to the requirements of the product / service, relieved from the analysis. They use version control repositories (Git, etc.), build tools (Maven, Gradle), testing their code in an automated way. They use Spring Boot framework, Hibernate. These processes are carried out through the application of Agile Methodologies based on the practice of CI (Continuous Integration).

Why is this role important at Esolutions?

Our teams are defined by having a dynamic, entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity is the main characteristic that sets them apart from the rest, since they are oriented towards always obtaining a quality product and excellence in their final results.Our collaborators make up teams of friends. We like to work having fun! Motivation occurs with each other, because we like to be always close. Our main objective is to grow professionally and humanely.

Full time Remote

What benefits do we offer you?

We want you to feel good:

We have fully equipped work and coexistence spaces to carry out your activities in a normal and comfortable way. We also have common spaces such as kitchens, barbecue, meeting rooms and outdoor spaces.

We want to take care of you:

You will have Ommint prepaid medicine plans, along with the benefits, travel assistance and discounts that it provides. We promote healthy eating, which is why in our offices you will always have seasonal fruits and cereals for your breakfasts and snacks.

More benefits!

Company plans with a mobile phone bonus. Work from home, at Esolutions we promote work from home, you will have this benefit and also on your birthday you can take the day.

These are just some of our benefits. At Esolutions we are in constant search of the well-being of those who are part of this great family.

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